Keep Calm & Learn English

I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, because English is such a funny language. It's a very filmy dialogue, but have you realised that this is the actual part of our life especially for kids. 
Our Next-Gen has gone digitalise. One projector, play YouTube videos & bunch of students in the same Paathshala. Action speaks louder than words. Get the same reality to their kids involving some activity which they want to play around with their friends. Trust it works all time when they spend quality time with friends & double dhamaka activity. Movies with subtitles can be the best option for kids. If it is Hollywood, it might take time to understand because of the accent. But no harm if we can give a try to make them understand by pausing the video again & again. 
Come-on...Grow Up. We are not here to learn everything. It looks so boring. Actual learning starts with the exercise. Get your moves ready with the word. Play some interesti…

Deo Tibba – The Magical Trekking Experience

Damm!!! We all need vacations at least for two weeks. We want to do, try out adventure every year. Forget this daily routine: eat, sleep, pray, repeat. You must rectify this blunder. It should be eat, sleep, fit & be adventurous. The essence of beauty, you will not see in your city which is completely polluted. Gear up & see the magnificent glimpse in Manali.  Yes, I had been on a trek with two stupid friends of mine & returned back with around 30 new friends. Wait…One Moment. It was my secondary reason of going on a trek to make new friends. The primary reason is to see myself as an adventurer. To climb 12,500 feet & yes your parents will tell you this is stupid. Of course, it is stupid. But for us, this is what we called craziness. Oh, Hello! You must be thinking this trek is easy. If you are an adventurer & ready to endure pain, then it will be too easy. Don’t you even dare to think that this is a picnic. 

1“Maaf Karo…Humse Na Ho Payega”

So what happened to us w…

7 Precious Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable

“Don’t Pick A Job…Pick A Boss!”I certainly relate to this quote, and am pretty sure you heard this quote. Almost a year, I realized that Boss plays a crucial role when you work for a company. Being supportive and sharing knowledge are the best things I see when I work with my manager. 

1. Not Allowing Us To Take Stress: First & Foremost, we are human. If your manager understands this, then you have the best boss. It has been repetitive, “Sourabh, Don’t take stress for this!” Even I am not on stress; still, it’s a concern which I observed. Come-on, it’s a media company. Even super-bosses and manager have that kind of major stress. Even they have certain targets which they need to achieve. Yes, we have certain freedom & flexibility; it doesn’t mean I have taken advantage.
2. Important Conversation:  Daily conversation with a manager is an important factor. If you are not having any conversation, then you are taking your work very lightly. My main important conversation is all about…

#ExtraWithHolly3 Contest

Smartphone is an essential requirement. To have the best smartphone, but it doesn't have good battery, we won't call this SMARTphone. I have to charge my cell phone at-least 6 hours to get 100%. Hence, Honor is that smartphone which will sustain at-least for a day or two.
If I would get extra battery, it will be like "Sone Pe Suhaga"

I listed few things when I will use this as Extra Battery. 

1. Video Calls: I'm very much active on WhatsApp and Skype video calls. Because even if I use Extra Battery I can call my cousin who stays in abroad and the conversation will be never ending.  #ExtraWithHolly3

2.  Job Portals: These days I am very fond of changing jobs. I will use extra battery for downloading job portals apps from where I can get the best job suits me.  #ExtraWithHolly3

3. Bill Payments My mom think I am very careless person because I never do bill payment. I will use an extra battery. It won't take even a span of minutes to pay the bill. #ExtraWithHolly3



Dear Boss,

To be having you as an appreciable boss, By you leaving us its a big time loss. Thank you so much for bearing our bunch of errors, Being in this office, we have learnt Social Media chapters.
You will be remembered as a terrific cricketer, Glad to see you taking a position of Business Director. The outdoor trips with you, will always remain memorable, Wish to see you in an upcoming trek, will make it more enjoyable.

Grand salute for selecting us in the interview, We give you 5 star ratings, and this is our review. We wish you have great achievements and success, Help us in any situation, if we are in a mess.
It’s great when you keep us motivated, We will apply your methods which you created. Thank you for being our boss, we all are feeling proud,
We all LIKE you, and there is no doubt.

RIP Richard Sir

It’s very hard to believe that we lost our beloved professor Richard Khear. The one who took our interviews at Hinduja college when we preceded for master degree admission. The long ponytail guy who always enthusiastic about technicality in media studies and never forget his ideologies about communication theories. He was the one who always been supportive to us and doesn’t like to take our lectures in the morning.
   Can’t forget your memorable dialogues… do you wake up early in the morning? How you guys manage to come from so far…Das I have huge expectation from you….Das you are the editor…Das this documentary is one of the best..even I won’t be able to make such documentaries....Das this documentary is so pathetic…This dialogues will remain with us memorable. 

   Even though it was a very limited students, but you enjoyed teaching us. Giving us solution at the right time. Helping us in research.  Production and editing are the best things which I learnt from you. Bec…

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